3 Interesting Facts About Algeria

Algeria is a country in Africa and is found in the northern part of it. It borders the Mediterranean coastline. Apart from the goodness of the sea the country also comprises of the Sahara desert inside it and brings to it the hot and dry climate. The capital city of this beautiful country is Algeria and comprises of landmarks such as the Ketchaoua Mosque.
Here are some interesting facts about this country
1. Size of the country
Algeria is said to be the second biggest country in the African continent. The country is of an estimated area of 2,381741 square kilometers. Apart from its size in Africa, it is the tenth-largest country in the world. The size of Algeria is quite large and is its population. It is of a population size of 41.32 million people on a count done on 2017. this population comprises of the largest Arab population in the world in one country.
2. Flag of Algeria
Every flag of any particular country has a meaning to it. The Algerian flag comprises of there colors namely green, red and white. The flag’s right side is of a white color which symbolizes purity in the citizens. The other half is of green color. This color represents the Islamic faith of the people of Algeria. Most people are Arabs in Algeria and hence they are Muslim.
3. Highest temperature
The country comprising of desert experiences high temperatures distributed throughout the year. These temperatures are also as a result of the sea as it gets heated up. The highest temperature ever recorded in Algeria is 60.5 Celsius. This is quite high and dangerous if it persisted. Such high temperatures have led the country to be nicknamed the country of cherries and date. It is of mild climate on the north and a dry one south due to the desert. The dates that come from this hot country are one of the finniest in the world and traditionally people would greet guests with dates and milk – learn more about interesting places to visit in algeria.

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